During a recent visit from our Corporate office we had the pleasure of learning concepts to increase our potential overall care for our residents and ways to make their stay here be as similar to a home enviroment as possible. When Roni, the Quality of Life Regional four our area, took us aside for an activity know as the Web Of Connection, I think we all learned a little about our relationships with the elders here at The Bridge. We told little facts about ourselves until someone who had a common interest raised their hand and then tossed them a ball of yarn and the pattern continued until we were all connected by strings of yarn to create this web of connection. There is a valuable lesson to be learned from this activity. It does not matter who it is we speak of whether it be strangers on the street or the residents in our Home, we all are connected. These connections can be me ascertained by the football teams we root for down to the nitty gritty of real life situations that once made known create a sense of unity between two people. Once we are all able to consider that everyone around us , regardless of their current circumstance, most likeley has a connection or a story that is very similar to our own we can begin to establish a sense of empathy. When we empower ourselves with a sense of empathy our level of love, caring, understanding, and general sense of fellowship will start to grow to it’s full potential and only then will people be loved the way they deserve to be loved. I hope that the power of this small but meaningful activity can get us all to reasess how we treat one another in our daily life and that we can harness the potential of caring to be spread around us in the days to come.


-Cody Blevins QOL DIrector