Silent Auction

Its that time of month again when our Elders participate in the Silent Auction offered here at The Bridge in South Pittsburg. This auction may be called Silent but it is not often recognized as such. This anticipated event can become quite the ruckus as the Elders show their excitement and competitive nature battling it out in our dining room in hopes to attain the most useful or rarest items. They pay for these items by using the “funny” money they gain through the week. This money is gained by participating in certain activities such as bingo, card games, or other games of skill throughout the week. The month culminates with a Silent acution to have a spending spree and then a Birthday party for the residents that are celebrating this month. Needless to say cake is the best remedy for the condition of emtpy wallet caused by  the not so silent auction earlier in the day.

Cody Blevins, QOL Director