SuperBowl 2014 at The Bridge Kicks Off!

The Residents at The Bridge kicked off  their first ever Superbowl Game this month. The aroma of competition began to fill the air as the opposing team captains squared off before the coin toss. After that it was stiff arms and whistle blowing for all their was to offer was victory! In all honesty though the residents had an amazing time and so did the staff. Everyone pulled together to take time away from the hustle and bustle of life to have a great time and assist in this event. I personally want to thank everyone who participated and offer a special thanks to Jerry White at Doodles Emporium here in our hometown for helping us out so tremendously with our T-Shirts. These were two great teams but in the end this community, this building, the Elders, and all our employees are a team in itself.

– Cody Blevins, QoL Director