Valentine's Day King and Queen

The elders at our facility celebrated Valentine’s day this year by voting on a king and queen to represent the love shared within our facility. It all began with a gathering of the residents to announce the king and queen of Valentine’s Day at the Bridge 2014. After the announcement, the chosen elders were brought forth and decked head to toe with crowns, sashes, and balloons. Then it was time to depart on the celebration lap around the facility. The hallways were filled with words of endearment to our elders, claps in celebration of our beautiful queen and her handsome king. We finished up the day by taking our mailbox on wheels around the facility to deliver flowers, Valentine’s Day cards, and a lot of hugs to the rest of the elders. It was a special feeling strolling down the halls and seeing the faces of staff and elders light up as they saw our group coming. I believe today was a great example for not only the love that we share between ourselves outside of the workplace but the love the staff have for the elders, and in turn the love the elders have for the staff. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!