The National Cornbread Festival

Every year our small town of South Pittsburg hosts The National Cornbread Festival. This gathering is the biggest event of the year for our town and draws a crowd of over 30,000 people. This year our Edlers became a part of the festivities as they made their way down Main Street feasting on funnel cakes, lemonade, and cornbread salad. They gathered around a tent and lsitened as some of the locals and visitors from afar all fell in sync to fill the air with Bluegrass and classic country music. They ended their day by visiting the historic Princess Theatre and listening to, yes even more, talented artists playing a show for the festival. The Elders may have had a great time but they were not the only ones participating. Our staff joined in as well. Every year we have a spot in Cornbread alley, a long corridor of vendors that have their own corbread mixtures ranging from fjita cornbread to chocolate chip cornbread bites. It was an amazing time and more fun than can be described. As the sun set on the last day of the festival memories have been made and enthusiasm for the year to come had arisen inside of us all!

Cody Blevins, QoL Director