Well, the time has come and gone and the memories were made! We have officially returned from our three day vacation to Panama City Beach Florida. George Blevins and Scott Worley flew out with us on the morning of the 18th and began a series of events that I will never forget. We had an amazing time from eating one pound hotdogs to lounging on the beach. The sun was beating and the palm trees were swaying as we made our way around the beach and city on our six seater golf cart, making sure to honk at every singly person we saw. The elders had a blast.

Scott  stated, ” I had no idea that I would still be able to do something like this, thank you so much.”

George got a dose of the sun and can’t let go of it. Since we’ve returned to our home, George has been seen out in the courtyard with no shoes, no shirt, and no problems catching rays and enjoying the outdoors.

While in Panama we made a visit to Gulf World to watch the dolphins, enjoyed amazing Key Lime Pie at Magaritaville, enjoyed live fire juggling,  and looked out at the vast ocean and listened closeley as the voice of God seemed to roll up on the beach with each wave. This was a time I know I will treasure for the rest of my life and these guys are ready to go back today if arrangements were made! I personally would like to thank Signature Healthcare for everything they do for our Elder’s as well as us, this is a company that truly cares for our Elder’s and it shows everyday!

–Cody Blevins, QOL Director