Memorial Day Visit to the National Cemetary

This was the week of Memorial Day, a day we take to offer praise, honor, and grievance to those who have lost their lives serving our great country. There was a request by one of our elders to visit the National Cemetery in Chattanooga, TN. She had stated that it would be a great pleasure to visit the gravesite of her ex-husband who was a veteran and served during the Vietnam War. He  passed away in November of 2013 and since then she has not been able to visit the site of his burial.

We loaded up a group of our veterans and the lady who made the request and ventured off to pay our respects. It was a very touching day for all of us. Our elder shared her story with us and we all sat and listen as we heard a great story that spoke of the love that holds two people together through eternity. We then took our time as we visited the different monuments located throughout and paid a visit to the site of the first four soldiers that were ever awarded The Medal Of Honor. Visiting a site such as this really puts into perspective the sacrifice that was made in order for us to live the life we so easily take for granted. Many of the elders in our homes across the country have helped to preserve this way of life for us and on behalf of The Bridge at South Pittsburg and Signature Healthcare I would just like to thank each and every one of you as well as the families of those whose loved ones have upheld the image that our American flag represents. You are all wonderful people and without you we would not have a scrap of what we have today.

God Bless you all!

–Cody Blevins, QOL Director