Residents attend a Diamond Rio Concert and have a blast






The Bridge of South Pittsburg took four of our elders to Chattanooga, TN on Friday night to see a Diamond Rio concert. The elders had a blast to say the least. The staff members at the Memorial Auditorium were awesome with our elders, they received first class treatment.

The staff also was able to take our elders to the front row for the show. After the show one of the singers for the opening act (which was Diamond Rio’s son) came over to use in the lobby and took his picture with them.

We then were going to wait for the lines to die down a little and see if we could get their Diamond Rio pictures that we had purchased signed, when all of a sudden one of the gentlemen with Diamond Rio motioned for us.

When we got over where he was he blocked off the whole area and let our elders come through and get their pictures signed, while we took pictures of them. They were smiling from ear to ear.

This was a very special night. Robin one of elders had tears streaming down her face through the entire concert. It was priceless! I am so honored to work for a company where I can bring such joy to the faces of others.

– Renee Taylor, Quality of Life Director