Local Kindness

Chaplain Ronnie Case was visiting one of the community’s elders recently, Mr. Danny Daniel, and was ask if he would help on putting up a new flag, He says that the old one had been flying for a long time, and it had become torn and tattered. Being a retired Marine and one who had received three (3) purple hearts, flying the flag meant a lot to him. Pastor Ronnie Case contacted the local chapter of the Honor Guard and told them about the request, and they immediately set a plan in motion.

On Friday July 20th the local honor Guard along with Ms. Renee Taylor ( Quality of life/ Activities Director for Signature Health Care of So. Pittsburg ), and Chaplain Ronnie Case joined forces together in making Mr. Daniel’s dreams come true.

The members of the Honor Guard not only furnished an American flag, they also installed a new Marine flag as well.

In addition to hanging the flags they presented Mr. Daniels with the shells from a 21 gun salute( engraved with his name and date of service) and a yellow ribbon which signifies ” together as one “. Mr. Mike Wilson Captain of the Sequatchie Valley Honor Guard also presented him with a message from the President of the United States!

It must also be noted that the old flag Which Mr. Daniel had hung was one with only 48 states, apparently Mr. Daniel had hung the flag over 50 years ago, he wanted to give us the old flag but we encouraged him to keep it as a keep sake.

Needless to say it was an emotional day and one which will always ring special to those who participated.

~ Chaplain Ronnie Case – Director of spirituality
~ Ms. Renee Taylor – Quality of life Director