Magic Carpet Ride

[custom_gallery source=”media: 2555,2558,2559,2560,2561,2562″ limit=”6″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”180″ height=”180″ title=”never”] Our Fairy Godmother Mrs. Charlotte Smith has lived in our facility for around 6 years. She enjoys helping others and has thoroughly enjoyed making others wishes come true this week. She was super excited to hear it was Magic Carpet Ride week. Right away, she dusted off her magic genie lamp and broke out her magic wand. She went about seeking those in need of wishes and quickly granted them. Her first wish came from Ms. Shirley Clem, who had been wishing for a baby. The fairy Godmother knew that she must get the genie lamp to Ms. Clem promptly. With three rubs of the genie lamp, poof!! A baby appeared and filled Ms. Clem’s heart with joy. The smile on her face was enough to ensure the Fairy Godmother had chosen the right wish to grant. And it was at this time that the Fairy Godmother knew that even from a very long social distance, her magic wand still worked!