Puppy Love

The elders had a special visitor today. Maize came by to visit as well as check everyone’s lap out. Mr. Cannon enjoyed riding Maize around and talking to him. We have a lot of pet lovers here and they look so forward to the visits they get from the pets our visitors bring by. Thanks Michelle Jacobs, social service director, for bringing Maize by to visit.

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A Little Cornhole Therapy

There is nothing like participating in therapy and having a little fun in the sun. Some of our elders enjoyed playing cornhole as part of their therapy yesterday afternoon with our stakeholders in the therapy department. What a way to make therapy fun for our elders. The smile on their faces showed they really enjoyed themselves.

Board Game

What better way to spend quiet time than enjoying a nice challenging game of Sorry? Our elder, Mitchell Williams, enjoys playing this game and here he is engaged in a serious game with one of our CNAs who was filling in today with the Quality of Life Department. The interaction between these two was one of many interactions of the different things that goes on in our building. We encourage others to come and join in on the fun.

Celebration of Life

Working in the nursing field, you meet a lot of people. We build bonds with elders, fellow co-workers, and even other family members. We are taught how to handle situations when it comes to dealing with your work environment. The training we receive prepares us to be able to perform our jobs to the best of our abilities, and even how to deal with the loss of an elder. But what prepares us for the loss of a stakeholder? Just a few weeks ago we lost a very special stakeholder. She was so full of life, she loved and cared for the elders, and had a very contagious smile and laugh. This past Friday a celebration of life was held in her honor. Everyone, especially the elders, were encouraged to attend. Among those attending was her mom and another family member. So many kind words were spoken about the kind of person Joy was. To hear the elders speak so highly of her let you know just how serious she took her job and what the elders meant to her. During her days in the hospital our Chaplain Ronnie Case visited frequently, along with our CEO Benjamin Landy and other stakeholders. Joy Johnson was one of many that when you met her you would never forget her. Her named described just the person she was and was so fitting for her. She will be missed tremendously not only by her fellow stakeholders but mostly by the elders she cared.

5 Year Anniversary

Kathy Sliger, our SDC, awarded EJ Sahud her 5 year anniversary pin today. EJ is one of our assistant directors of nursing. She is a very fun and smart person who brings a lot to the team and we are glad that she is a part of it. EJ, we hope that you will continue with many more years with us. Thank you for all you do.

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