A Fitting House Of Prayer . . .

I recently had the great fortune to attend the dedication ceremonies for the new Chapel at the Bridge at South Pittsburg, and I must admit it was one of the most moving spiritual experiences ever.

Several local pastors were invited to a breakfast at the facility where Administrator Donna Adams, Chaplain Ronnie Case and many other stakeholders  welcomed them all and told them of the great things  being done for the precious residents there – and of how they would all now have the ability to pray and spend time with God in the new and beautiful worship space.

Blessings were given to the staff and prayers for success were prayed by all and the stories of how the chapel was created were shared. The pews which were hand crafted by a local vendor, the stained glass windows which were made with the help of the residents themselves, and chaplain Ronnie’s gift of the huge bible well over 100 years old – all these things were shared around with the many people assembled, just like a fine meal. Everyone was fed well on fellowship and the Holy Spirit, who was indeed present there in that beautiful little chapel on that August morning.

Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality and Culture, remembered her first meeting with Administrator Donna Adams:

“Donna, I remember when I first met you as DON and you had a vision for the chapel and you showed me the room which was full of old beds and other stored items. And you  showed me your idea for stained glass. The Lord just reminded me of this. Praise God
for your and Ronnie’s vision and grained faith of a mustard seed which plants and grows and blooms into the realization of tender glory where one can go and fellowship and find hope, find peace and dream big.”

Pictures of the chapel are below – please take a moment to lose yourself in the beauty of the place, and remember to say a prayer if you wish for all those who worked so hard to make it a reality – as well as for those in need who will use it every day from now on.