God Of Supply

Approximately four (4) months ago we began to pray about the furnishings for our new chapel, – pews, podium, prayer altar, etc.. We went to the pew company which specializes in church furnishings and found out the total cost would be $4000.00. We placed the order!! – before we had the money, and just knew that God would supply our need! We began to ask for donations, held a yard sale, and other various means on raising the funds needed.

We were informed that our pews would be delivered and when we counted our money we lacked $112.00!! At one of our church services yesterday a retired preacher handed me some money and said put it on the chapel,.it was $7.00. This morning our maintenance director sold a refrigerator for $100.00, so all we lacked was $5.00!! Which was paid by our Administrator! “Paid in Full!!” God is so good and truly the “God of Supply”

BTW: Our chapel is beautiful!! We have plans to invite the entire ministerial association in real soon and have a special ribbon cutting, and prayer of dedication. We will be sending pictures and newspaper report.

Just had to share!

Rev. Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
The Bridge at South Pittsburg, TN