Hall of Fame 2019

WOW! What an amazing and emotional event! We are so honored to have these wonderful people be a part of our lives. We are even more honored to have the privilege to recognize them by inducting them into the Hall Of Fame in appreciation for all they have done. A big thank you also to all our staff who made this event a success; from the amazing food, beautiful rose decorations to the wonderful family and friends we were blessed to celebrate with. Those who were inducted were Richard Woodling, Leona Kilgore and Pat Talkington. Along with being inducted in to the Hall of Fame, Pat also received her pin for 40 years with Signature HealthCARE. Congratulations to you all!

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Cooking it Up

A big shout out to our Dietary Manager, Doug Crisp! Our elders love having the bar, especially today when they were having Bar-b-q. They love Doug’s hospitality and enjoy having him serve them so much. Thanks, Doug for all you do.

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Puppy Love

The elders had a special visitor today. Maize came by to visit as well as check everyone’s lap out. Mr. Cannon enjoyed riding Maize around and talking to him. We have a lot of pet lovers here and they look so forward to the visits they get from the pets our visitors bring by. Thanks Michelle Jacobs, social service director, for bringing Maize by to visit.

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A Little Cornhole Therapy

There is nothing like participating in therapy and having a little fun in the sun. Some of our elders enjoyed playing cornhole as part of their therapy yesterday afternoon with our stakeholders in the therapy department. What a way to make therapy fun for our elders. The smile on their faces showed they really enjoyed themselves.

Board Game

What better way to spend quiet time than enjoying a nice challenging game of Sorry? Our elder, Mitchell Williams, enjoys playing this game and here he is engaged in a serious game with one of our CNAs who was filling in today with the Quality of Life Department. The interaction between these two was one of many interactions of the different things that goes on in our building. We encourage others to come and join in on the fun.