Paul Harris Award

Renee Taylor, the Quality of Life Director at South Pittsburg who is also the past President of the South Pittsburg/Marion County Rotary Club, just received the Paul Harris award, which is a very prestigious honor!

Renee is an outstanding stakeholder of Signature HealthCARE and has served in various capacities throughout her thirteen years as a Signature employee.

Doyle Love the CEO at South Pittsburg and team are proud of Renee’s dedication to her elders and her community and congratulate her on her Big Win!

Congratulations Renee!

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On The Road Again

We are still on our Virtual road trip and have actual picked up a few more riders along the way. The residents have enjoyed talking about the places they are going and telling us about their real life adventures!

They are anxiously waiting to see where we are going next.

Bunny Visit!

Friday was an awesome day for our residents! They had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny which came baring goodie bags filled with eggs & candy! The ones who choose to, also got to join in on taking communion which was very important to them.

That is one of the many reason we all love working for Signature Healthcare; a place where not only am I allowed to take communion and pray when I need to, but I can count on my work family to pray with me. The residents love that choice and having a Pastor to pray with them, and of course everyone loves a visit from the Easter Bunny especial when there is candy involved!

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Puppy Love

COVID-19 can’t keep our residents from having a paw-fectly good time with these adorable pets! They loved the puppy breath and companionship of these four legged fur babies!
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Although the staff is unable to give hugs and kisses at this time, these pups sure did an awesome job slinging slobbers and fur cuddles to our residents. We love the smile that these pooches put on their faces! We are proud to have so many pets who love to come and volunteer at our facility!

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Valentine’s Day

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A big shout out to the family dollar in Jasper TN, for all of the beautiful balloons they donated to our elders as well as to our community who made this possible. This community has always been so supportive when it comes to us needing help doing events for our elders and family dollar has always been a big supporter ours. The elders loved having their pictures taken in the middle of the large bouquet of balloons. we also want to say congratulations to this year’s Valentine King, Terry, and our Queen, Agnes!

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Beauty & the Beast

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Wow! What a fun week as our elders enjoyed playing dress-up to act out the story of Beauty and the Beast. There were lots of laughs and jokes made from our elders as they stepped into their roles. They had such a great time and are looking forward to next week’s storybook adventure! Due to social distancing all pictures were taken it their individual rooms and crop together to make the story. so the elders didn’t see the results until it was finished and they were blown away!

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Magic Carpet Ride

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Our Fairy Godmother Mrs. Charlotte Smith has lived in our facility for around 6 years. She enjoys helping others and has thoroughly enjoyed making others wishes come true this week. She was super excited to hear it was Magic Carpet Ride week. Right away, she dusted off her magic genie lamp and broke out her magic wand. She went about seeking those in need of wishes and quickly granted them. Her first wish came from Ms. Shirley Clem, who had been wishing for a baby. The fairy Godmother knew that she must get the genie lamp to Ms. Clem promptly. With three rubs of the genie lamp, poof!! A baby appeared and filled Ms. Clem’s heart with joy. The smile on her face was enough to ensure the Fairy Godmother had chosen the right wish to grant. And it was at this time that the Fairy Godmother knew that even from a very long social distance, her magic wand still worked!

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Today was a very emotional day as we honored 2 of Signatures true hero’s. I cant say enough good about these 2. Joann had worked here in dietary for around 17 years. she was the kindest soul with a heart of gold. Cheri was a nurse and had worked here in the MDS dept for close to 20 years. She had such an out going personality and a contagious smile. Please keep Signature staff members as well as Joann and Cheri ‘s family in your prayers.

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Santa Claus

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Wow! What a fun day! Not only did Santa come to visit, but he brought his reindeer. The elders had a blast meeting with Santa and getting their gifts. While each waited patiently for their time with Santa, they enjoyed watching Rudolph and the other reindeer play all their silly reindeer games. Thank you to everyone who made donations of gifts, trees, cards, etc to help make this a special day for all of our wonderful residents!

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Hall of Fame 2019

WOW! What an amazing and emotional event! We are so honored to have these wonderful people be a part of our lives. We are even more honored to have the privilege to recognize them by inducting them into the Hall Of Fame in appreciation for all they have done. A big thank you also to all our staff who made this event a success; from the amazing food, beautiful rose decorations to the wonderful family and friends we were blessed to celebrate with. Those who were inducted were Richard Woodling, Leona Kilgore and Pat Talkington. Along with being inducted in to the Hall of Fame, Pat also received her pin for 40 years with Signature HealthCARE. Congratulations to you all!

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