5 Year Anniversary

Kathy Sliger, our SDC, awarded EJ Sahud her 5 year anniversary pin today. EJ is one of our assistant directors of nursing. She is a very fun and smart person who brings a lot to the team and we are glad that she is a part of it. EJ, we hope that you will continue with many more years with us. Thank you for all you do.

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Happy Birthday to RSM

From all your friends here at SHC of South Pittsburg, we would like to wish you a very happy birthday. Ericka George, our RSM, recently celebrated her birthday on July 17th. Ericka has been a part of our company for over 13 years and we are very happy to have her with us. We hope your day was as wonderful as you are.

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Registered Therapist Receives Certificate for Newly Certified Services

We would like to give a huge congratulations to Marjorie Abundo, one of our registered therapist, for recently getting certified in LSVT. This is a service provided to help people who has Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions. Read below what this service is mainly about.

“LSVT BIG is an intensive, effective, one-on-one treatment created to help people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other neurological conditions address walking, balance and other activities of daily living (for example, writing, dressing and getting up from low chairs) or even job-related tasks. It trains people to increase the size (amplitude) of their movements from head to toe. These improvements may also extend to smaller tasks, like buttoning or writing.
LSVT BIG treatment is delivered one-on-one and is tailored to each person’s own abilities and goals so that they work towards what’s meaningful to them. It requires (and can only be given by) an LSVT BIG Certified Clinician as part of prescribed physical or occupational therapy. Its holistic approach addresses not only movement issues but also takes into account non-motor symptoms including emotional changes and cognitive changes. It helps people “recalibrate” to recognize when their movements are smaller or slower than they think.
Its sessions are based on the most effective, evidence-based strategies for learning and neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change). It’s designed to help people apply what they learn in treatment sessions to more comfortable, confident movements in everyday life beyond treatment sessions.
LSVT treatments are unique because the principles of LSVT are supported by research and the LSVT protocols have been scientifically studied over the past 25 years.” (LSVT Global, 2019)

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Beating the Heat

The elders at Signature HealthCARE of South Pittsburg found a way to beat the heat. The Quality of Life director, Renee Taylor, and the Therapy Director, Erica George, teamed up to put together a slip n’ slide adventure for the young-at-heart elders. They had a blast! At first they were a little hesitant, but as they saw how much fun it was, they joined in. Mrs. Condra said, “I’m so glad that I changed my mind because that was so much fun!”. Mr. Watkins said, “that put a big smile on this old mans face”. Elders and stakeholders, including the administrator, Ben Landy, took turns riding the big yellow duck down the slip n’ slide. This goes to show you’re never too old to have fun!


Our sweet Mrs. Condra has been a busy little bee, she has made these beautiful necklaces to enter for Reflect N Us . She was so proud of them! She always does such an awesome job, way to go Mrs. Condra!

Fresh Vegetables

Here are some more beautiful vegetables out of the elders garden. They are so proud of their garden and love going out daily to see what it has produced. They also enjoy getting to pick their vegetables as well as eat them. Great job to our garden team on growing such nice vegetable!

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Lookouts Game

Fun in the sun! Guys day out. The guys enjoyed getting out to go to the lookouts game. They had so much fun watching the game as well as getting to eat hot dogs and run through the water sprinklers. Then the perfect ending to the trip, was a stop by McElroys for a nice cold refreshing shaved ice. Thanks to Ashley Graham for helping make this happen, it was a great day all around!

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Ladies Night

We enjoyed an awesome Friday night! Whispering Bill Anderson was at The Princess Theater in South Pittsburg Friday night. What better way to spend ladies night than going to a concert to see him? He put on a great show and the ladies loved it. They had front row seats so they could make sure they had a great view.


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