Jane Lindsey, who came to stay with us for a short-term rehab stay following a fall, recently shared her success story with the Rehab Department and granted permission for it to be posted on our webpage.

“All in all it has been a wonderful experience with all the therapists and I wish I could have had more time with therapy.”  Ms. Lindsey stated that she felt that she would not be at the point she is right now without the services she received at The Bridge at South Pittsburg.  She added that she would recommend our therapy department to others because “you go out of your way to show respect to the people you are working with.”  She stated that because of the therapy services she has better endurance and strength and is able to walk again.

When asked if she would come to us for therapy again, she replied, “Yes!  I like the way you all work with people and you make it fun for us.  You all know what you are doing and are very kind.”

Best of luck to you, Ms. Lindsey!

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